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Want 2024 to be the year of development?

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Meet Julian Jenkins

Julian Jenkins stands as a beacon in the world of transformational coaching, especially renowned for his profound impact on individuals seeking spiritual and personal growth. He isn't merely a coach; he's a transformative guide, leading individuals to unearth their true potential, manifest spiritual harmony, and step into their most empowered and authentic selves.


Under his guidance, individuals transcend their limitations, unlocking a realm of spiritual enlightenment and personal fulfilment, evolving into their most remarkable and self-aware versions.


As the engaging host of his upcoming and inspirational podcast, Julian shares enlightening insights, practical advice, and heartening interviews. His podcast has rapidly evolved into a cherished source of wisdom and encouragement, resonating deeply with a global audience.


Julian is a true light in the spiritual domain, deeply aware of the delicate interplay between mindset, energy, and spiritual awakening. His teachings, focused on spiritual alignment, have motivated over 60,000 to connect with higher spiritual planes, drawing in positive life changes and opportunities. He is the author of many books including the bestselling From A Burden To A Blessing his spiritual life story.


I offer a wide range of spiritual services, which allow you to truly connect to self and the spirit. This approach will allow you to live a happy balanced spiritual life. We ensure this by taking away the dogma, stigma, doubt and fear and replace it with love and understanding. My forty years of experience allows me to bring an authentic, real approach that resonates with people from all backgrounds and countries. Let me help you to help yourself to awaken your true purpose.

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My Channel

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