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Discover your spiritual path like never before! Avail of our exclusive Six Card Spiritual Assessment Reading, specifically designed to guide you on your unique spiritual journey. This in-depth reading, processed within 30 days of your purchase, will empower you to understand and navigate the next phase of your personal voyage.


By blending the wisdom of various oracle cards, angelic numerology, and runes, I draw out the information you need to progress in your spiritual journey. The intricacy of this method ensures a deeper connection with the spirit, delivering an astoundingly accurate and impactful reading.


You're given the power to personalize the reading by selecting the number of shuffles I perform (between 10 and 30). This choice, coupled with your question, shapes your reading, making it truly one-of-a-kind.


Remember, all of our readings are channeled and psychically derived from spirit to ensure maximum accuracy and relevance. The findings are compiled into an insightful audio recording, delivered to your email within 30 days of your purchase.


With a limit of just 20 readings each month, it's essential to secure your place to avoid missing out on this unique experience. Your bespoke Six Card Reading will be sent to the email used at the point of purchase, offering a rich, audio guide for you to revisit anytime.


Take the next step in your spiritual journey and unlock the secrets of your path today!

Six Card Reading Spiritual Assessment

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