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Introducing our powerful Goniatite Polished Fossils, sourced from the Somerset Levels and carefully encased in and around the ley lines of power. These fossils have undergone excavation and polishing to reveal their mesmerizing beauty and astounding grounding properties, specifically connected to your root chakra. There are only a couple of these stones availble.


Each listing includes ONE fossil specimen from the images provided.


Goniatites are ancient ammonoid cephalopods that originated from the Agoniatitida lineage, dating back an incredible 390 million years to the Middle Devonian period. These remarkable fossils possess immense Earth healing energy. The spiral shape of the Goniatites symbolizes the eternal cycle of change and evolution that we all experience in our lives. 


Having absorbed cosmic energy over countless aeons, Goniatites hold power to stimulate the life force, also known as Chi, within us. They are renowned for their ability to activate Kundalini energy and align one's life path. Additionally, Goniatites act as energetic filters, drawing in and transmuting negative energies. As the dense energies pass through the spirals, they are transformed into fresh, positive, and loving life force energy.


Goniatites are primarily associated with the Root Chakra, the energy centre at the spine's base. This connection enhances our survival instincts and provides grounding support, helping us to feel rooted and connected to the Earth's energies.

Experience the captivating energy and profound grounding effects of these Goniatite Polished Fossils.


Allow them to guide you on your self-discovery, transformation, and holistic well-being journey.

Polished Goniatite Natural Fossil

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