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I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my website.  My name is Julian and I am very pleased to meet you.


Every day I feel truly blessed that I can do what I do, as I follow my passion and my divine path.


This soul journey and undertaking that I have agreed, has led, me to guide 50,000 international students towards their spiritual path. I am honoured and humbled to work not only for spirit, but for every soul I come into contact with.


Here is my story of where it all began.

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My Story

Like most people I have had my twists and turns. The ups and down that life brings, and the constant battle with life. Life is not easy, is it?


Until the age of 38years, I suffered pain, anxiety, from the trauma in my life.


Through this time, I had my spiritual connection, I knew I was never alone. I knew Ronnie my guide was always there for me. However, this didn’t seem to make life any easier, I often felt alone in my spirituality.


Life changed dramatically in 2008, when my Dad passed over to the spirit world. He had been my rock, and I couldn’t imagine life without him. I now felt completely alone in my overwhelming grief. This period often named the dark night of the soul, was definitely that. I was in a dark place.


My health deteriorated, I started to have panic attacks, ending one day in hospital. I realised something had to change. But how?  In a session with the psychiatrist, I came across mindfulness. This was a pivotal moment for me. This changed my life and became a passion of mine, as you will see in my work.


The realisation, of a key point, awakened in me.


You see friend, the combination of spirituality, which is the connection and relationship to self and spiritualism, the belief you don’t die, are paramount to a healthy balanced state of wellbeing.


Of course, there are times, when you are faced with life challenges, but having the coping mechanisms, understanding core values to self, and the divine connection will now assist me and they can assist you.


I can now heal, evolve, and serve. And so can you!

My other passions and strong connections are Glastonbury and Llantwit Major.


This is a natural Celtic bond that I have. I feel my story dates back to Joseph of Arimathea.


This was the man who removed Jesus from the cross and placed him in his tomb.

The legend states, that he came to the UK and settled in Glastonbury.  He created the first seat of Christian learning in 39AD. 


I have felt drawn to this incredible man, and Glastonbury, for most of my life. He has come into readings, and often I am told I was his scribe.


If I roll on 2000 years, I find myself settled within a home and place where I can see the Glastonbury Tor from my house. As the crow flies it is 30miles away, across land and sea.  I feel Glastonbury is my spiritual home. I visit often to reunite and build upon my bond.


The other place is, Llantwit Major, this was the first seat of Christian learning in 500AD. There are stones here that date back 1,500 years. This place is a sacred place, near to my home.


A place where I find, connection, truth and love. And again, like Glastonbury, I feel at home.


Below are some images of the areas I share with you.


Thank you for reading, and I hope you and I may meet very soon. This maybe in a Udemy course, through a reading, or by reading my book. In whichever way I meet you, may you stay blessed.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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