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Mediumship Accreditation Level 1,2,3

Are you looking to improve your mediumship skills and become fully accredited?


Look no further! Join Julian Jenkins' Mediumship Certification program, where you'll learn the foundations and structure of a mediumship connection, master the key pillars of evidential mediumship, and develop the skills to sustain your connection, vibration, and work with your guides.

The program is offered in three levels, with level 1  Level 2 and level 3. The classes are held over two weekends, with two-hour sessions in a Zoom room. The cost for each level is £200. This is a linear program and everyone starts at level 1 and works their way through.

At the end of level 3, you will receive full mediumship accreditation and will be listed on Julian's website as an accredited medium. Spaces are limited and generally sell out quickly, so don't miss out on this opportunity to improve your mediumship skills and gain accreditation. Please note that the program must be completed in a linear fashion, and refunds cannot be given as seats sell out quickly.

Join Julian today and become a fully accredited medium, ready to make a difference in the world we live in.

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Sign up now and take your mediumship to the next level!

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