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I have managed to secure a limited number of handmade oak rune stones, these stones were sourced from fallen wood on the Glastonbury Tor and crafted by my Viking woodcarving friend Ted. The set comprises of the complete Elder Futhark alphabet and this is made up of 24 pieces handcrafted by a Norseman.


This is a truly unique opportunity to own a piece of spiritual legendary and these runes will allow you to take your rune divination to the next level.


A big thank you to Ted and his amazing craftsmanship and the gift from the Tor itself.

The price includes postage and packing worldwide.

The Gallery gives you a pictorial story of Ted, The Tor & The Craft.


Please note this is authentic and natural material and will come with God’s blemishes on it. The Runes that arrive are the Runes meant for you x

Glastonbury Ancient Runes

Only 9 left in stock
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