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Tarot Tuesday: The Queen of Wands, Number 21, and Rune Inguz - A Guiding Light for the Week Ahead

Welcome to another Tarot Tuesday! Today, we delve into the vibrant energy of the Queen of Wands, explore the significance of the number 21, and draw insight from the rune Inguz. This harmonious blend of tarot, numerology, and runes offers us a unique and inspirational outlook for the coming week.

The Queen of Wands: A Beacon of Confidence and Charisma

The Queen of Wands, a figure of radiance and self-assurance, graces us this week with her fiery presence. In tarot, she represents a person who is full of energy, passion, and a zest for life. Whether you resonate with her as an aspect of your personality or as someone who will influence your life in the upcoming days, her message is clear: embrace your confidence, creativity, and warmth.

This queen encourages you to tap into your inner strength and use your charisma to achieve your goals. She is a reminder that your enthusiasm and positive outlook can lead to success and admiration from others.

The Power of 21: Harmony and Completion

In numerology, the number 21 symbolises the energy of harmony, balance, and fulfilment. Today, having shuffled the deck 21 times, we draw on this energy to bring a sense of completion and wholeness to our endeavours. The number 21 encourages us to find balance in our lives and to harmonise our inner desires with our external actions.

As we step into this week, let the energy of 21 remind you to seek balance in your personal and professional life, striving for a harmony that resonates with your soul’s purpose.

Rune Inguz: Growth and New Beginnings

Inguz, a rune of fertility and new beginnings, complements the dynamic energy of the Queen of Wands and the harmonious balance of 21. This rune symbolizes the germination of ideas and projects, encouraging growth and the realization of potential. It’s a sign that this is a favorable time for starting new ventures or nurturing existing ones.

Inguz reminds us that every ending has the promise of a new beginning. As we embrace the Queen of Wands' fiery energy and strive for the equilibrium symbolized by 21, let Inguz be our guide in planting seeds for future success.

Bringing It All Together

This week, let the Queen of Wands inspire you to lead with confidence and warmth. Use the number 21 as a guiding star towards achieving balance and fulfillment. And with the rune Inguz, embrace the potential for growth and new beginnings. Together, these powerful symbols provide a roadmap for a week filled with potential, growth, and inspiration.

May your week be as bright and promising as the Queen of Wands herself!

Be Love Give Love


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