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Opening Hearts Through Love: Putting a Smile, Love, and Spirit Back into Spirituality

Introduction: In our complicated world, filled with complexity, ego, and fear, the essence of spirituality is often lost amidst misinformation. My years of spiritual exploration have taught me the transformative power of love, the profound shift that occurs when we approach spirituality with an open heart and a loving spirit. This journey seeks to weave a smile into the fabric of our spiritual experiences, aiming not to complicate but to simplify. We're here to discuss the practice of mediumship – a loving practice that fosters self-understanding and allows us to manifest a slice of heaven on earth. So, let's delve into the world of opening hearts through love.

  1. The Beauty of Heart-Centered Spirituality: Spirituality isn't about adhering to external rituals and dogmas. It's about embracing a heart-centred approach, recognising that the essence of pure love resides at the core of our being. We discover a wealth of compassion, kindness, and understanding when we nurture this love. This internal journey of love connects us to our spiritual nature, helping us break down the walls of duality and control and fostering a deep connection with the world around us.

  2. Rediscovering Mediumship: Mediumship, while often misunderstood and cloaked in fear and mysticism, is actually a loving practice. It serves as a bridge connecting our physical existence with the spiritual realm. Through mediumship, we can connect with departed loved ones, spirit guides, and higher consciousness, transforming fear into a path of love and acceptance. This practice reminds us that love knows no boundaries – it transcends physical limitations and flourishes even beyond the veil.

  3. The Power of Self-Understanding: The journey of spirituality is complete with exploring the depths of our own selves. Mediumship provides an opportunity for self-understanding that few other practices offer. It enables us to connect with the spirit, uncover hidden aspects of our being, heal past traumas, and cultivate self-awareness. By understanding ourselves better, we can align with our authentic selves, fostering spiritual growth and leading a more fulfilling life.

  4. Creating Our Own Little Heaven on Earth: Spirituality should not be confined to specific rituals or sacred spaces. It's a way of life that permeates every aspect of our existence. As we incorporate love, compassion, and kindness into our daily interactions, we start creating an environment that mirrors heaven's harmonious and uplifting aspects. This is our way of bringing the ethereal down to earth, embodying spirituality, and shedding light in a dark and disconnected world.

  5. Embracing Simplicity and Joy: It's easy to get entangled in complexities and dogmas in the quest for spiritual growth. But the heart of spirituality is simplicity, and its essence is love. By shedding unnecessary complexities, we can focus on what truly matters: love, connection, and joy. Embracing a childlike sense of wonder, we can find magic in the mundane, bringing a smile to our spiritual journey and fostering a positive outlook on life.

Conclusion: Spirituality is a path designed to bring us closer to ourselves, each other, and the divine. Infusing love, joy, and curiosity into our spiritual practices can transform our lives and ripple positivity into the world. The heart-centred practice of mediumship offers a profound opportunity to explore the depths of our being and connect with the realms beyond. Let's embark on this journey together, rekindling the smile, love, and spirit within our spirituality and breaking down the barriers of duality and control.

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