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A Moment of Spiritual Awakening

In my life, I’ve always found solace in taking moments of quiet reflection, especially when I’m away from the hustle and bustle of daily routines. These moments allow me to contemplate where I am on my journey, how I am walking my path, and what steps lie ahead. It was during one such moment that I had a profound spiritual experience, one that has stayed with me ever since.

It was Wednesday, 12th June, a date that holds significance for me as it is my father's birthday. That morning, I woke up with an unshakeable feeling of anxiety in my belly. This wasn’t an unfamiliar sensation, but it felt more intense than usual. When anxiety strikes me in bed, I have a practice of asking my spiritual guides to take me to God. Typically, this leads me to drift back into a loving, peaceful sleep that dissolves any stress or negative emotions. However, this occasion was starkly different.

As I lay there, a voice, clear and resonant, spoke to me: “You will return from whence you came forth.” The message startled me. While I am accustomed to receiving spiritual messages, this one felt profoundly different. It didn’t just echo in my mind; it reverberated through my entire being. The only way I can describe it is that it shook my core, my soul, in a way I had never experienced before.

Startled but curious, I asked, “What does this mean?” The response I received was both enlightening and comforting. “You are here to experience all aspects of human life,” the voice said. “In spirit, love is all that exists. As a spiritual energy, you need to experience love, laughter, pain, and joy.”

This message, simple yet profound, lingered with me as I woke up fully. It made me reconsider many of my past reactions and experiences. I realised that if I am here to experience the loss of my father, then it happened for me, not to me. This shift in perspective was monumental. It allowed me to move out of the victim mentality and into a space of enlightenment. Every experience or emotion, whether perceived as good or bad, is there for us to gain a deeper understanding of the essence of love.

Reflecting on this, I understood that life’s challenges are not just random events but purposeful experiences designed for our spiritual growth. This realisation brought a sense of peace and clarity. It dawned on me that our reactions to life’s events are crucial. We can choose to see ourselves as victims of circumstance, or we can embrace each moment as a divine lesson intended to enrich our understanding of love.

I usually refrain from discussing my beliefs openly, but this experience was a turning point for me. It contextualised many aspects of my past and present, providing a reassurance not to worry about the future. The future will unfold as it is meant to, and my role is to experience it, learn from it, and continue to walk forward with faith and love.

As I write this, I find myself with a tear rolling down my cheek. My dog, Reggie, is very unwell and is currently at the vet’s. This situation is truly testing my resolve. Despite the emotional turmoil, I hold onto the message I received. It helps me navigate the pain and uncertainty with a sense of purpose and calm. I am reminded that every challenge is an opportunity to deepen my understanding of love and to grow spiritually.

This experience has reaffirmed my belief in the interconnectedness of all life and the presence of a higher purpose guiding us. It has helped me see that even in moments of profound sorrow, there is a lesson and a blessing to be found. This perspective has been instrumental in helping me cope with Reggie’s illness and the emotional strain it brings.

The message I received that morning is not just for me; it is for anyone who is willing to listen and reflect. It encourages us to live a happy, balanced, and spiritually enriched life, full of experiences that allow us to truly appreciate the state of love. It’s a reminder that we are here to experience the full spectrum of human emotions and to learn from each one.

In sharing this, I hope to inspire others to embrace their spiritual journey with an open heart. Life’s experiences, whether joyful or painful, are opportunities for growth and understanding. They are moments that shape our path and deepen our connection to the divine.

I believe that by sharing our stories and insights, we can help each other navigate the complexities of life with more grace and wisdom. We can move forward with a sense of purpose, knowing that every step we take is guided by a higher power. This understanding can bring us peace in times of trouble and joy in moments of happiness.

In conclusion, my spiritual awakening on that June morning was a profound reminder of the importance of perspective. It taught me that every experience is a part of a larger, divine plan. By embracing this truth, we can live our lives with greater love, compassion, and understanding.

We can move beyond the confines of victimhood and step into the light of enlightenment, where every moment is a gift and every challenge is a blessing.

As I continue to walk my path, I hold onto the wisdom of that morning. It guides me through the highs and lows, reminding me that I am never alone. My guides, my faith, and my experiences are all part of a divine tapestry, woven together to create a life of purpose and love.

May we all find the strength to embrace our journeys, to learn from our experiences, and to live with a heart full of love and gratitude.

If you could send some healing to Reg that would be a gift as well x

Be Love Give Love

Julian x

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