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Purpose To Profession

Purpose To Profession
Spiritual Entrepreneur, ensuring both spiritual and business growth.

Pursuing your purpose with passion will become your profession.

We have all been called to follow our purpose. Still, breaking out from some of the conditioned rituals and habits fuelled by our mental chatter, keeping us anchored in the physical realm, is hard. The constant chatter of what if it doesn't work, what if I don't have the gift, what if the money dries up, what if what if. I have put together a 10-week mentorship program for 12 people to undertake a program that helps you to find your purpose and wrap it with an authentic passion for structuring and building your spiritual-based profession.

We then get stuck and frustrated with no pathway to break out of the constant mental and real-life cycle. In a way, you live several lives.

Let's look back at where we have come from. We can see that all that we have struggled with and overcome, all of the layers we have removed, all of the naysayers telling us it's your imagination to get to this point now and to walk away rather than walk forward onto your path to purpose.

It's time to claim your space, stand tall in your energy and have that breakthrough moment to purpose, happiness and fulfilment in all aspects of your life.

Are you concerned or even scared to take this step? Well, I can tell you so was I. I knew I had a calling and that calling after working as a front-line psychic medium and healer for many years was to inspire others to follow their purpose with passion and ultimately create their profession using their unique gifts and doing the things they love.

The ability to create a spiritual, heart-centred service to help others will light your soul. I always remember being told that if your profession is truly your calling, you will never work a day. It will be a vocational pleasure. 

I am inviting you now to join me and 11 others globally as we individually and collectively walk a 10-week road from purpose to the profession. 

This 10-week program will consist of ten two-hour sessions per week for 10 weeks, with planners and workbooks to help you move forward and maintain.

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