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The Definitive Guide To Intiuative Tarot

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This amazing Tarot Course has been designed to help you to develop your own personal Tarot style. It wasn't too long ago when we thought of tarot reading as being in a dark room with a lady shrouded with a scarf, crystal ball and a terrifying array of cards in front of you. We were worried about what the cards meant or what questions you should or could ask. Thankfully those days are well and truly behind us, and a new modern way of providing help and guidance can be sort through the unique gift of Tarot. I want to help you learn the modern way, imagine a way that opens up your higher self, a way that helps provide loving guidance in all aspects of your life, and most importantly, a way to build your intuition and self-confidence. This course is all about you and your cards; I will help you harness the skill to read your cards and get answers and guidance. We will walk through all the meanings, the numbers, the whys and wherefores. I am here to help you master the Tarot, no matter what you want to do with them. If you're going to provide readings, we got it covered. If you wish to consult the cards for a daily self-care routine, you got it. If you want to use them as a tool to help guide you through your journey and the challenges and problems, we got you as well. In true essence, if you want to learn Tarot or if you want to progress in a modern, intuitive way, then this course has everything you need to work with the fantastic gift of Tarot. Learn to paint a wonderful

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