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Psychic Mediumship: Channeling Clairsentience

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Your Chance To Shine

All the clairs are essential and have incredible gifts and opportunities. Still, I wanted to focus on clairsentience because when it comes to spirit, we can give evidence and messages with a unique healing effect, but what if you could bring the true essence and feeling of spirit into our work? Well, this course sets out to achieve just that, the authentic feeling of spiritual energy and awareness, taking clairsentience to the next level of feeling and energy awareness. In general, being clairsentient involves feeling things and energies, but in mediumship, I want you to connect with the source and bring through the unique energies and essence. We do this through a series of lectures and exercises, ensuring that you not only learn the practice of but cultivate the process and outcomes that, times for me, have genuinely blown my human mind. The ability to be cognizant of the feelings and energies of spirit will allow us to experience the true essence of spiritual communication and not only deliver more depth and validation for the sitter, audience or congregation but for you, the psychic medium This course is for you if you are a psychic medium that wants to explore and see things a bit more in-depth. I am taking over 25 years of experience and bringing it to you in a series of bitesize lectures, meditations and exercises.

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