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Tarot Tuesday: King of Cups Reversed, Number 11, and the Rune Algiz

Welcome to this week’s Tarot Tuesday, where we dive deep into the spiritual

undercurrents of our week using the guidance from the tarot, numerology, and the runes.

King of Cups Reversed

When the King of Cups is upright, he embodies the utmost emotional maturity, balance, and diplomacy. He’s a figure of calmness amidst the storm, often showcasing his skills of understanding and patience. But, when reversed, this card suggests a different narrative.

The King of Cups reversed can point to emotional manipulation, volatility, or the inability to manage one's feelings in a given situation. It may hint that we or someone around us is being passive-aggressive, evasive, or simply not in control of emotions. This might be a week where our feelings or the feelings of others may run more on the surface. There may be scenarios where we'll need to navigate around those who aren’t handling their emotions healthily.

But every card, even in its reversed state, carries with it a lesson or inspiration. In the case of the reversed King of Cups, the message might be to look within and question our own emotional stability. Are we suppressing our feelings? Are there emotions we haven't dealt with? The next seven days offer an opportunity to confront these issues head-on, seeking balance and understanding within.

Numerology: Number 11

Today’s date equates to the master number 11, known for its spiritual significance. Elevens are about intuition, spiritual insight, and enlightenment. This is a powerful vibration, often associated with being a ‘light bringer’. It hints at the potential for significant personal growth and transformation.

Considering the King of Cups reversed, the number 11 can serve as a reminder to tap into our intuitive side to help deal with our emotions. This number urges us to trust our inner voice, seek clarity from within, and not be swayed by external chaos. The marriage of this number with our tarot card suggests a deep dive into the realm of feelings and intuition this week.

Rune: Algiz

Algiz, often symbolized by an upraised hand or the horns of an elk, stands for protection, a connection with the divine, and possibly a higher self. This rune invites us to be open to divine guidance or to be receptive to signals from our higher selves.

Paired with the King of Cups reversed and the influence of 11, Algiz suggests a protective shield around us, especially when it comes to emotional turmoil or upheaval. The message is clear: tap into the energies of the higher realms, seek protection in your spiritual practices, and stay connected with your intuitive and emotional self.


This week, as we navigate the waters of our emotional world with the reversed King of Cups as our guide, the energies of the number 11 and the rune Algiz encourage us to turn inward, seek clarity, and trust in divine protection. Emotions might run high, but with intuition, spiritual connection, and self-awareness, we can turn potential turmoil into a journey of profound personal growth.

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