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Tarot Reading for a Glimpse into the Future: What 2024 Holds for You?

A bit of a different Tarot Tuesday this week: I am doing a one-card read for January, February and March. 2024, as we have said before, is 8 in numerology, and this is a great time to jump forward into your spiritual path.

Here is the reading for you. x

] Tarot Perspective:

  1. January: The beginning of the year often brings new opportunities and a time for setting intentions. A tarot card that resonates with this month could be The Fool, symbolizing new beginnings, adventures, and a leap of faith. Embrace the unknown with optimism.

  2. February: This month may focus on relationships and emotional connections, reflected in The Lovers card. It's a time for harmony, choices, and possibly romantic developments. It also encourages self-love and alignment with personal values.

  3. March: The arrival of spring brings growth and renewal. The Empress card could be significant, symbolizing fertility, creativity, and abundance. It's a period to nurture your projects and relationships, encouraging growth and prosperity.

Influence of Number 19:

In numerology, 19 can be reduced to 1 (1+9=10; 1+0=1), the number of beginnings, leadership, and initiative. It suggests a period of starting new ventures or leading others. It also resonates with self-sufficiency and independence. Over these months, your community might experience a sense of renewed purpose and the drive to embark on new paths.

Rune Insight:

The rune that comes forward is "Dagaz," representing daylight or dawn. It symbolizes breakthroughs, clarity, and the promise of a new day. This rune could indicate that during these months, your community will find greater clarity and experience significant realizations or epiphanies, leading to positive transformations.

Image Representation:

The image I've created captures the essence of this reading. It integrates tarot, numerology, and rune elements, set against a mystical and serene background. It embodies guidance, introspection, and the passage of time in early 2023.

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Joel Ottoson
Joel Ottoson

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