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Embracing Transformation and Growth - A Week of Change

So, this past week has been a whirlwind of transformation for me, and I wanted to share with you how the mystical world of tarot, runes, and numerology has mirrored my journey

The Past Week: A Time of Ending and Beginning

The Death Card: My Companion in Change

This week, the Death tarot card has been my guide. Now, don't freak out - it's not as ominous as it sounds! Death in tarot is all about endings leading to new beginnings. It's like closing one book to start another. I've been letting go of things that no longer serve me, making room for fresh experiences and opportunities.

Jera: The Rune of Harvest

Alongside the Death card, I've had Jera, the rune of harvest, whispering its wisdom. It's a gentle reminder that every effort I've put in is ready to bear fruit. It feels like I'm reaping the rewards of my patience and hard work, and it's super satisfying.

Number 17: Intuition's Whisper

And then there's the number 17, popping up everywhere. It's been like a nudge to trust my gut more, to rely on my intuition. There's a sense of spiritual awakening and a deeper connection with my inner wisdom.

The Week Ahead: Waxing Crescent and New Beginnings

Waxing Crescent at 19%: Growing with the Moon

Now, looking ahead, we've got the waxing crescent moon, sitting pretty at 19% illumination. It's like a sliver of hope in the night sky, a symbol of growth and building momentum. For me, this means taking the energy of change and transformation and really running with it.

Embracing the Crescent's Energy

As the moon grows, so do my plans and dreams. It's a time to be proactive, to plant seeds for the future. I'm thinking about setting intentions, maybe starting new projects, or building on what I've already begun.

Personal Reflection: Riding the Waves of Change

Staying True to My Journey

The combination of the Death card, Jera, and the waxing crescent moon feels like a powerful cocktail of transformation. It's about embracing change, trusting that it's leading me to exciting places.

Grounded in Intuition

With the number 17 as my beacon of intuition, I'm learning to trust the journey, even when the destination isn't clear. It's about staying grounded and connected to my inner voice.

Moving Forward with Confidence

So, as I step into this new week, I'm carrying with me the lessons of change, growth, and trust. It's a reminder that life is a cycle of endings and beginnings, and each phase has its beauty.

That's it from me this week. Remember, life is a journey of constant transformation, and it's okay to embrace the changes.

Be Love GIve Love

Julian x

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