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Dancing in the Strawberry Moonlight: A Spiritual Journey to Inner Peace and Realisation


When the world falls into stillness on the evening of Saturday, June 3rd, 2023, the Strawberry Full Moon will rise – a radiant orb glowing with the wisdom of ages. This is no ordinary moon; it’s a divine symbol, a celestial whisper of summer and the sweet, rewarding taste of life's spiritual fruit.

In the twilight tapestry, the Strawberry Full Moon is a beacon, a call to every soul seeking enlightenment. Its light is a cosmic lullaby that sings of completion, fruition, and a reminder that every end is but a new beginning on the spiritual path.

The full moon has always been a moment of powerful transformation. Like the shimmering tide it pulls, it influences our emotions, our actions, and our spirit. The Strawberry Full Moon carries a special message: it tells a tale of the sweetness of growth, the beauty of realisation, and the joy that comes from reaching out and harvesting the fruits of our spiritual journey.

And how do we listen to this celestial narrative? How do we dance to the cosmic rhythm of the universe? We meditate. We quiet our minds and tune our hearts to the moon's song.

I invite you to join me in a 30-minute meditation during this Strawberry Full Moon. Find a place where the moonlight can touch your skin, where the rustle of the night can be your symphony. Close your eyes, breathe in the peace of the night, and prepare your soul for a celestial dance.

Visualise the Strawberry Full Moon’s gentle light flowing into you. Each breath you take is infused with this energy - vibrant, healing, empowering. With every exhale, release any fear, any doubt, any barrier that has kept you from your true spiritual potential.

Hold in your heart the intention of this meditation. Is it for greater self-love, clarity of purpose, or perhaps a deeper connection with the universe? Let this intention bask in the moonlight within you, let it be nurtured and encouraged to bloom.

As your meditation draws to a close, bathe in the feelings of gratitude. Whisper your thanks to the moon, the stars, the universe that has guided you on this path. Remember this feeling, this connection. This is your spiritual journey, your dance in the moonlight.

The Strawberry Full Moon is not just a celestial phenomenon; it is a mirror of our inner selves, a spiritual guide reflecting our journey. Let this Full Moon be your dance floor, the place where you twirl, leap, and step closer to your spiritual destiny, to the rhythm of the cosmos, and the song of life.

As you open your eyes and return to the rhythm of the mundane, carry this celestial dance in your heart. For in this spiritual journey, you are never alone; you have the universe as your partner, and every step you take leads you closer to the beautiful dance of self-realization and inner peace.

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