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Cultivating Trust: A Guide to Deepening Your Mediumship

In the journey of mediumship, we grapple with profound questions, two of which echo through eternity: How do I differentiate between my own thoughts and those from Spirit? And how do I gain trust in myself and overcome my fear of being incorrect or rejected?

The audio in soundcloud above has a wonderful meditation for trust.

Recognising the Voice of Spirit

For the fledgling medium, distinguishing between the whisperings of their own mind and the subtle impressions of Spirit can be a daunting task. But take heart! With time, patience, and practice, this distinction will become more apparent.

Spirits communicate in a different, often more subtle, vibration than our own thoughts. Their messages may arrive as fleeting impressions, feelings, or images, each holding a profound symbolism that may not always align with our logic or preconceptions. These messages often carry a unique "flavour" or "tone" that sets them apart from our inner monologue.

To better perceive this distinction, establish a practice of quieting your mind. This can be done through meditation, mindfulness, or any other discipline that brings a sense of calm and quiet to your mental landscape. This stillness creates the perfect canvas for Spirit's subtle impressions.

Overcoming Nervousness in Communication

Being nervous before communicating or speaking from a platform is not only normal but also a sign of your genuine intent. The fear we feel often stems from the pressure to be perfect, to not make mistakes. But let's remember – we're human, and humans are perfectly imperfect.

By reframing our perspective on what it means to "make a mistake," we can start to ease that fear. Spirit communication isn't a perfect science; it's an art, and its beauty lies in its imperfection. It's through those imperfect messages, those seemingly nonsensical symbols, that we often find the most profound and healing connections.

"Trust the whispers of Spirit, the wisdom of your heart, and the journey of your soul. For in the language of the universe, we are not just mediums, we are bridges of light, connecting realms and radiating love." Julian

Cultivating Self-Trust

Trust in Spirit is a cornerstone of mediumship, but trust in oneself is equally crucial. Developing this trust is a journey unto itself. It requires self-compassion, patience, and the willingness to make mistakes and learn from them.

Remember that every 'no' you get from a sitter is not a personal rejection, but an opportunity for growth. Each 'no' is an invitation to tune in deeper, to listen more closely. It's through these very missteps that our connection with Spirit becomes stronger, clearer, and more refined.

Dealing with 'No' from a Sitter

As mediums, hearing a 'no' from a sitter can sometimes feel like a blow to our confidence. But instead of allowing this to discourage you, reframe it. When a sitter says 'no', it's not a commentary on your ability as a medium. Instead, it's an opportunity for further clarification and deepening your understanding of how Spirit communicates with you.

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Your are a poet Julian! If I could hear your voice by my bedside the day I lay to rest, without a doubt, I would be in heaven. Blessed be! NAMASTE 💜🙏


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