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Crossing the Rainbow: A Journey to the True Truth

Crossing the Rainbow: A Journey to the True Truth


When you're on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth, messages from the spirit can often guide you in the right direction. I woke this morning and went to my record room, a space I created to take me back in time with the use of vinyl records. I also use this space to sit in quiet meditation and I had a message from spirit which urged us to follow our hearts, cross the rainbow, and bring peace and love to the earth.

“Follow Your Heart, cross the rainbow enter the light and bring peace and love to the earth. Move in Mysterious Magical ways away from the norm to the truth. The true truth cannot be denied only expanded. You will create sacred spaces with your energy and intention, be true to you

“Truth will come like a bolt of thunder, truth is at the seat of every being, covered by layers of bigotry. Temptation paints the pathway to separation all that is true is love, blessed be young man.

Here are my thoughts of the message as I delve into the meaning behind this message and explore how we can move in mysterious magical ways, breaking free from the norm and embracing the true truth.

Following Your Heart: The Path to Authenticity

The first step to spiritual growth is following your heart. Trusting your intuition, embracing your passions, and staying true to your authentic self can help you navigate life's challenges and opportunities. Doing so will attract like-minded people who support your spiritual journey and foster a sense of belonging and true connection.

Crossing the Rainbow: A Metaphor for Spiritual Transformation

The rainbow symbolises hope, transformation, and the link between the physical and spiritual realms. In our journey, crossing the rainbow signifies a shift in consciousness as we move from a materialistic worldview to one that embraces the interconnectedness of all things. By entering the light, we can raise our vibrations and access higher states of awareness and it is in this seat that we understand what is to be true.

Spreading Peace and Love: The Power of Collective Consciousness

One of the essential messages from the spirit is to bring peace and love to the earth. We can accomplish this by practising empathy, compassion, and understanding for ourselves and others. When we collectively raise our vibrations, we can influence the world around us and contribute to global healing and transformation, but I always say change starts in our very own front room.

Moving in Mysterious Magical Ways: Embracing the Unknown

To grow spiritually, we must embrace the unknown and be willing to move in mysterious, magical ways. This means stepping outside our comfort zones and challenging conventional norms. Doing so allows us to access deeper truths and unlock our full potential, bathing in the sea of uncertainty and enjoying the swim is key, let go of control and trust the universe.

The True Truth: A Journey of Expansion and Discovery

The true truth cannot be denied, only expanded. As we continue on our spiritual paths, we will uncover new insights and experiences that enrich our understanding of the world and ourselves. This journey is an ongoing process of expansion and self-discovery, ultimately leading to a greater sense of purpose, connection, and fulfilment, once we know what it is to be true to self we can expand this to all aspects of our journey.


Embracing the message from the spirit, we can embark on a transformative journey towards the true truth. By following our hearts, crossing the rainbow, and bringing peace and love to the earth, we can move in mysterious magical ways and break free from the norm. This journey of expansion and discovery will help us grow spiritually and bring about positive change in the world around us. I rarely publicse my spiritual channelling as it seems personal and preachy on times, but today after Easter I felt the need to share this with you.

All that is true is love

Be Love Give Love


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This Blog brings a lot of meaning to the words you read There is nothing matters more than the truth it’s what everyone seeks to make sense of our lives May the Universe Bless you Julian Jenkins for the love and hope and sense you send out to your loving collective much love and light Veronica


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