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Mar 7, 2024 - Apr 4, 2024

Journey to the Heart: Unveiling Your Spiritual Essence Through Guided Discovery

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Unlock Your Spiritual Potential: A Five-Week Live Journey to Inner Wisdom Dive Deep into Your Spiritual Essence with Guided Weekly Sessions - Your Path to Empowerment Awaits Are you yearning for a deeper connection to your spiritual self and the universe? Join us for an exclusive five-week live series, starting March 7th, designed to unlock the mysteries of your spiritual path and guide you towards profound self-discovery and growth. Limited to just 50 participants, this journey promises an intimate and transformative experience. What You'll Discover: 7th March Week 1: Connect with your spirit guides and awaken to the unseen forces around you. 14th March Week 2: Build confidence and learn to trust your inner wisdom, overcoming self-doubt. 21st March Week 3: Cultivate consistency and discipline in your spiritual practice for a balanced life. 28th March Week 4: Find your tribe and engage with a community of like-minded seekers. 4th April Week 5: Integrate spirituality into your daily life, grounding your experiences in the everyday. Your Guide on This Journey: Led by a seasoned spiritual mentor, this series draws on channelled wisdom and heartfelt insights to support your path to enlightenment. Each live session, held Thursdays at 9pm GMT, will be recorded for you to revisit at your convenience. Investment in Your Spiritual Growth: £15 per week or £50 for the entire series. Embrace this opportunity for personal and spiritual development, and reserve your place among the stars. Begin Your Transformation Today - Reserve your spot on this spiritual odyssey and embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary, guiding you back to your true self. Don't forget if you can make the lives you will be sent the replay of the live, this way you can complete the five steps in your own time.

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