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Advanced Mentorship Program

In early 2023 I will be offering a ten-month  advanced mentorship program for spiritual development from February through to November. This will cover all the core areas of working Psychically, Mediumistically, healing and spiritual business practices.

This program will take you on a linear journey to self-discovery and activation. Meaning not only will you have the confidence to create and build your heart-centred spiritual practice, but you will also have the tools to deliver it. 

Program synopsis

This advanced mentorship program will cover all aspects of you following your divine life purpose with clarity and confidence. We all have this fantastic gift, and my purpose is to help people understand the light they can truly shine through authentic engagement.

This program is for those who want to invest in themselves, inevitably increasing their spiritual connection but getting a deeper understanding of the balance between physical and spiritual.

Not only will be covering such areas as sitting in the energy, your journey, the power of your story, a deeper understanding of the Clairs, dealing with demanding clients and the dreaded now, how you unfold the story, and how you bring all this together in a unique product that is you and then getting people to value your services truly.

This will be a linear program to not only build your spirituality and spiritualism, but there is a heavy focus after the first 4 months to move into the business aspects of a heart centred spiritual business.

I will ensure that you are set up to be able to offer your services not only from a confidence stand point, but technology, finance and branding stand point.

You will truly unlock your connection to self and spirit, but also take your light to the world as a spiritual based career.

A complete program will be given to you on sign-up, and with only 16 people on the program, we all get quality time together as a group and individually.

There is a complete online support network and private forum for people to share experiences and help each other with quality time together as a group 

The Four core pillars


The cost of the programme is £2,000 with a deposit of £200 and the remaining £180 being spread over a 10 month period.

A deposit of £200* is required to secure your place now click the advanced deposit section below. You will then be sent a link in December to complete the 10 payments starting in Jan x

Payment Plan Option:  first payment in Jan 2022 and you will then have a recurring payment set up of £180per month up to  October  2023 inclusive. Deposits are not refundable as spaces are limited, please make sure you can commit to the ten months first x

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